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One of our favorite procedures the IPL Photofractional Treatment. Photorejuvenation uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) in a breakthrough cosmetic medical skin treatment to correct the signs of photoaging (sun spots), as well as birthmarks, broken capillaries, benign brown pigments, redness or Rosacea, mottled pigmentation, port wine stains and other skin imperfections.
It is safe for all ages, and a non-invasive solution that can be customized to your skin type to treat your specific pigmentation problem. Skin rejuvenation can be achieved on the face, as well as on the hands, neck, chest and arms.

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For long-term results, a series of 5 intense pulsed light treatments, at approximately 3-week intervals, is recommended. You should see optimal results – smoother, healthier looking skin – after 1 or 2 IPL treatments.

Intense pulsed light is not a miracle, although the skin rejuvenation it achieves on and off the face is pretty miraculous.

Top 10 Myths
About Dermal Fillers

People have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to Botox and other fillers. Can you guess the Top 10 Myths about dermal fillers?

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